Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Time Will Tell How Capitalist Austerity Screws Us All.

On Nov.30, federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland unveiled next year’s budget. The media made a load of hoopla over the fact that it was the first time the budget speech had been made by a woman, oblivious to the fact that whomever attempts to administrate a screwy system like capitalism, whether it be male, female, black, white catholic, protestant, jew or gentile, it’s strictly a case of B.F.D. 

The highlights of her speech were: The spending of $13 billion on COVID-19 vaccine plans; $1 billion for setting up national standards for long term care homes and helping provinces meet those standards; People working from home with modest expenses can claim up to $400 on their 2020 taxes; Some families will receive a

temporary boost of up to $1,200 for every child under 6; GST/HST will be dropped on face masks and face shields; Ottawa will eliminate interest on federal portions of Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans for 2021-22. 

Freeland also said Canada's deficit will balloon up to a record $381 billion, the biggest since W.W.2 Freeland, Trudeau and the rest of their crowd may mean well, but it takes a lot more than good intentions to solve the problems capitalism throws up at us, especially when so much money has been borrowed. 

Time will tell how this will work out, but for the members of Canada's working class, the best advice is to not raise your hopes too high for we may just be looking at 50+ years of capitalist austerity screwing us all.

S.P.C. Members.

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