Monday, December 24, 2007


Millions of human beings starve inside a capitalist system that can produce enough for everyone. There are many well intentioned groups that believe that by a series of reforms this dreadful situation can be solved inside capitalism. Despite years of existence and hundreds of campaigns this has been proven to be futile."Record prices for major agricultural commodities and a reduction in the volume of food aid means there is a serious risk that global hunger will worsen next year, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation said on Monday. The warning came as wheat prices on Monday jumped to an all-time high, soybean prices hit a fresh 34-year high and corn rose to an 11-year high on strong demand and tight supplies reflected in extremely low global inventories. ... Food aid has been reduced because agricultural commodities prices are going up while the big aid agencies’ budgets – including that of the UN’s World Food Programme, which feeds almost 90m of the world’s poorest people – remain stagnant." (Financial Times, 19 December) RD

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