Monday, August 11, 2014

Casino-Like Practises

 "Flummoxed by investment options? So are the'pros" was the headline in the Toronto Star Business section on June 30. The thrust of the article was, as the heading suggests, that fund managers just do not know where to invest. To quote, " They see treasury bonds vulnerable to the inevitable climb of interest rates and corporate and high yield bonds paying so little interest that there is not enough insulation to protect investors if the economy suddenly weakens, or if the investors get cold feet. After the unrelenting climb of stocks since 2009, the pros see a stock market so pricey that stocks appear vulnerable to any bad news from the economy or companies." The above clearly shows how uncertain the markets are and that no investor can feel secure. The most significant words in the article are 'cold feet'. Clearly, the economy is based on casino-like practices and outcomes. John Ayers.

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