Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Delegatory Democracy

We do not need leaders. It is silly to expect politicians to be leaders in the class struggle. Politicians are elected to run capitalism in the interests of the business class 5%. In a representative democracy this is diametrically opposed to the interests of workers 95%.

All the economic clout is with the corporations and landowners, owned by a tiny minority of people, possibly around 5 percent. Owning the means of production allows them to cream off a profit or a surplus for themselves, and they do this by exploiting the rest of us. Their economic power is backed up by political power. The state is there to try and manage the status quo, and protect the interests of those with all the wealth. This doesn’t mean that they have control over the economy, though. Market forces fluctuate between growth and slump regardless of what politicians and corporate strategists want.

This arrangement leads to massive inequalities in wealth, not just within this country, but across the globe. Goods and services only go to those who can afford them, not to those who need them. Those who can’t afford the basics risk falling into a lifestyle of poverty it’s hard to escape from. Living in an unequal world where everything is rationed creates divisions between us, leading to prejudice and discrimination. Even those of us with a reasonable standard of living never have enough real involvement or sense of ownership in where we work and live.

To solve the problems in society, we have to change the way society is structured. This means going from our world where the means to produce and distribute wealth are owned by a minority, to one where those resources and facilities are owned by everyone in common. Then, goods would be produced and services would be run directly for anyone who wants them, without the dictates of the economic market. Industries and services would be run just to satisfy people’s needs and wants.

All this could only be achieved by fundamentally changing the way society is organised, a revolution. The kind of revolution we want is one which involves the vast majority of people across the world. Every country now is part of an integrated global economy and class structure. So, people across the world would have to want to change society. The only legitimate and practical way this could be achieved is by organising equally and democratically. This means voluntary, creative work, with decisions and responsibilities agreed through everyone having an equal say. This would mean a much broader and more inclusive use of democracy than we’re used to today. Different democratic organisations or procedures would apply in different circumstances. This doesn’t mean having leaders or groups with more authority than others.

The Socialist Party detest any kind of Nationalism. The fact is however all capitalist politics including the Scot Nats, are serving the interests of a minority parasite capitalist class. The majority need to get off their knees, get rid of representative politics which only represents the dominant economic interests of the capitalist class and make the democratic revolution with delegatory functions which will harness the productive capacity and technology available in a free access moneyless society to reduce the working day/week, and produce a commonly owned superabundance of wealth with production for use, to satisfy needs, and not for sale to satisfy the profits of a parasite class in our lifetime. Socialism is a classless, elite-free, post-capitalist system, which can only be developed upon an advanced technological society capable of producing a superabundance of goods and services to allow them to be accessed freely according to needs.

A choice of extreme Tory cuts or less extreme Labour cuts. No, it is no choice. Capitalism must go and workers must make it go. A plague on all parties who wish to retain capitalism. Only workers themselves can bring to fruition the post-capitalist revolution of free-access, delegated democracy, production for use, a price-free, wageless, moneyless, society. Business is not 'people friendly'. Real socialism will do away with the business of exploiting workers in return for a wage or salary and channeling profits to the few. Socialism should be hostile to all the parties of capitalism, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple or whatever flag they drape over their wage-slavery administration exploitative activities. Capitalism cannot be comes into the world oozing blood form every pore. Dissolve all government 'over' you and elect yourselves into common ownership and democratic control over all the means and instruments for producing and distributing wealth.

"I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I led you in, someone else would lead you out. You must use your heads as well as your hands, and get yourself out of your present condition; as it is now the capitalists use your heads and your hands." Eugene Debs

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