Sunday, July 26, 2020

Towards A Better World

The truth of the matter is that this is a rich man’s State and a rich man’s government. The State is there to act on behalf of capital and to protect its interests against the people. The government is the executive committee of the big corporations. The State is an instrument of power in the hands of the industrialists, bankers and landlords, who are the ruling class. The state passes laws and maintains the police and armed forces to keep the working class in line. The idea that everyone can get rich under this system is a lie invented by the rich themselves. The mass media are powerful means of spreading the ideas and outlook of the capitalist class and its ideology. Capitalist society in its totality is structured so as to preserve the exploitative relationship between the capitalist class and the working class which lies at its heart.

The whole of society is organised around the capitalist economy. It is important to realise that capitalists are not always looking for ways to increase the degree of exploitation of workers because they, the capitalists, are inherently greedy but that they do this because of the way in which the capitalist economy operates leaves them with no choice if they are to stay in business. Similarly, if workers are not to be worked to death and totally impoverished then they have no choice except to take a common stand together against capitalist employers so as to resist employers’ attempts to exploit them even more.

 Facts are stubborn, irrefutable. It is the task of the Socialist Party to hasten the process of the liberation of our fellow-workers from the reformist illusions, to win them over to the side of the class struggle and the struggle against capitalism and reformism. The word “Revolution”, taken in its largest and truest sense, means turning, transformation, change. In fact, all in nature changes, but nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, passing from one turn of life to another, lives ever-changing, transforming, revolutionising. If revolution is the law of nature, which is all, it must necessarily also be the law of humanity, which is a part of nature. But you have a few who close their eyes so as not to see and their ears so as not to hear.
1. That the first source of every human oppression and exploitation is private property;
2. That the emancipation of workers (human emancipation) will not be founded upon a new class rule, but upon the end of all class privileges and monopolies and upon the equality of rights and duties;
3. That the cause of labour, the cause of humanity, does not have borders;
4. That the emancipation of workers must be done by the will and the hands of the workers themselves.
The Socialist Party advocates the unity of the workers of the whole world in common struggle for the realisation of the common goal - emancipation. It affirm the irreconcilability of their struggle against capital. Crisis is an inherent feature of capitalism and cannot be eliminated without eliminating the root, the capitalist system. The anarchy of production will not be eliminated without putting an end to the capitalist system, thereby removing the contradiction which is at its root, the contradiction between the social character of production and the private capitalist appropriation. The motive of the capitalist is the securing of maximum profits. Capitalists organise production for the purposes of increasing profits. The manufacture of products is in fact an incidental aim of capitalism. When conditions are such that profits can only be increased by cutting back production then that is what the capitalists do. The fundamental flaws of the capitalist system cannot be eliminated without removing the capitalist system itself.

All the capitalist parties, all the parties dedicated to the continuation of the capitalist system of wage slavery, are against the most basic rights and interests of the working class. The workers can only wage their struggle in opposition to these forces. In particular the struggle cannot be one simply to remove the Tory government and replace it by a Labour government. The working class must struggle to end the capitalist system. The reason for the treachery and betrayal of the Labour Party class-collaborationist politicians is not simply the cowardice and spinelessness of various individuals. Workers cannot restrict themselves to addressing only the symptoms; they must remove the source of the disease, the capitalist system of wage slavery. It is the capitalist system of exploitation and oppression, the system of wage slavery, that is the source of all the problems facing the working people, and that shows the urgent necessity to overthrow capitalism and establish socialism. Revolution is not only a possibility, it is a necessity in order to avert the grave threats facing the  people, to prevent the impoverishment and destitution of the people, and avert the dangers of climate change and war to which the capitalist system is leading society.

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