Thursday, July 23, 2020

Your Future - Your Choice

Wars, poverty, slums and climate change cannot be solved in isolation. Capitalism produces these problems. Socialism alone can bring an overdue end to them. Through the abolition of this wage-slave system, mankind will finally master its affairs. The Socialist Party has untiringly persevered with its case for socialism, by the printed word, the street corner speakers, the platforms of public meetings and across the web—wherever the workers could be attracted, calling upon the world’s working class to end its problems of poverty, insecurity and mass slaughter. The Party’s irrefutable case, is based upon the materialist conception of history, and its analysis of the capitalist system with all its contradictions. We  have shown the synthesis of this out-moded economic system, which is the only inevitable road humanity can eventually take—in a word— SOCIALISM.

 It becomes more and more clear that capitalism has outlived its usefulness in social evolution, there accompanies it the hope that the workers will decide to speed the progress by understanding, desiring and determining to establish a socialist society. Only the world’s working class can establish this and ensure for the generations to come, a fuller, happier existence. Sadly, insufficient numbers of the working class have rallied together for this purpose. 

Now, time could be running out. The opportunity and ability of changing society may not last. Today humanity is fast coming face to face with an ultimatum—one which may be utter and final—the fact of an imminent environmental catastrophe. The choice is becoming oppressive, the decision vital; be politically active or become a casualty to the climate crises. Change the social system of monopoly and privilege for the few.

A capitalist society is one in which:
1) the means of production — factories, land, etc., — are owned by capitalists as individuals or corporate groups;

2) this class of capitalists holds political power by controlling the state apparatus;

3) production is regulated by the profit motive; and

4) exploitation occurs, in that capitalists live, partly or wholly, on the labour of others, i.e., of their employed workers.

A socialist society is one in which:
1) the means of production are owned in common by society as a whole;

2) production is planned

3) exploitation — the process of living partly or wholly on the labour of others — has been eliminated.

Should the world become socialist as a result of the difficulties and problems that our capitalist social order is unable to solve, people will discover that socialism, far from being an intolerable bureaucratic tyranny and individual regimentation, will be the means of greater individual liberty and shared abundance.

At present most people regard a socialist society solely in the light of the experience of the former Soviet Union. They fear it would produce the same result as it brought for the peoples of the USSR. They dread the bureaucratic tyranny and draconian red-tape in obtaining the necessities of life, the soulless standardisation in the arts and culture, the imposition of political repression and the suppression of freedom of expression. Such ideas are reinforced by capitalist media.

When private property rights and private profits are removed from the capitalist system there will be abundance and free access to the social wealth of the world. This system will be made to work not by bureaucrats and not by policemen but by cooperation and compassion. We will organise our society to produce for human needs rather than  profits. Money will no longer be necessary when there is more than enough of everything for everybody.

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