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Friday, June 15, 2007

For the scrap heap , hopefully

There is money in scrap , particularly for the directors .

The Aberdeen based scrap metal reprocessor and steel trading firm and one time rag-and -bone company John Lawrie Group announced that they paid an un-named director £2.1 million in 2006, plus a further £300,000 in contributions to his pension scheme. This compares with a combined figure of £1.6 million in 2005.
The increase helped swell total directors' remuneration to £3.9m from £2.6m.

This individual is assumed to be Brian Meldrum the chairman who staged a management buy-out of the company in 1981 which saw him climb the league table of top corporate earners in Scotland.

Another one for the scrap-heap when the revolution comes .

And Moir Lockhead, chief executive of ScotRail operator FirstGroup, saw his remuneration fall just short of the magic £1 million mark in the last financial year. Lockhead received a basic salary of £461,000, a cash bonus of £254,000 and benefits-in-kind of £30,000 in the year to March 31. This totalled £745,000, up from £723,000 in 2006. Lockhead was also awarded a bonus worth £254,000 in deferred shares . His total bonus for 2006-07 is therefore £508,000, or the maximum 110% of salary for the second year running. The deferred bonus, assuming it vests, will take Lockhead's total remuneration for 2006-07 to £999,000. In addition he also received perk benefits comprising of £24,000 in respect of a company car, £5000 for private fuel, and £1000 of medical insurance for Lockhead and his spouse.