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The Mythology of the Left

 Many political groups, somewhat disenchanted with orthodox reformist practice, fancy themselves as 'vanguards' of the working class. We do not.We say that workers should reject these would-be elites and organise for socialism democratically, without leaders.

 By fostering wrong ideas about what socialism is and how it can be achieved the vanguard organisations are delaying the socialist revolution. It may help to clear away confusion if we list a number of doctrines held by most of these groups, and then state why we disagree with them:
State ownership is socialism, or a step on the way to socialism.Russia set out on the way to socialism.Socialism will arrive by violent insurrection.Workers cannot attain socialist consciousness by their own efforts, only a trade union consciousness.Workers must vote for the Labour Party.Workers must be led by an elite - a 'vanguard'.Workers must be offered bait to follow this vanguard in the form of ‘transitional demands', …