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The Socialist A.B.C. by Alex Glasgow

We may not accept it as 100% politically correct but it brings a smile

When that I was a little tiny boy Me daddy said to me
'The time has come, me bonny, bonny bairn To learn your ABC'
Now daddy was a Lodge Chairman In the coalfields of the Tyne And that ABC was different
From the Enid Blyton kind

He sang A is for Alienation that made me the man that I am and B's for the Boss who's a bastard, a bourgeois who don't give a damn C is for Capitalism, the boss's reactionary creed and D's for Dictatorship, laddie, but the best proletarian breed E is for Exploitation, that the workers have suffered so long and F is for old Ludwig Feuerbach, the first one to see it was
wrong G is for all Gerrymanderers, like Lord Muck and Sir Whatsisname
and H is the Hell that they'll go to, when the workers have
kindled the flame
I is for Imperialism, and America's kind is the worst
and J is for sweet Jingoism, that the Tories all think of first
K is for good o…