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Where they jail the innocent

The Home Office said it only detains people for the shortest period necessary but dozens of asylum seekers have been held at Dungavel immigration removal centre (IRC) in South Lanarkshire for months, new figures releasedto BBC Scotland reveal. In some cases detainees were held for more than a year.
"The difference between prison and detention is that in prison you count your days down and in detention you count your days up," ‘Sol’ told BBC Scotland.
"It's mental torture. It's so scary. You don't know when you will be released. You don't know when you'll be deported. You are in limbo." explained “Sol” who had spent two and a half years in Dungavel, and a total of three and a half years in detention, more than three times as long as his initial prison sentence.
Dr Katy Robjant is a psychiatrist found that those who were detained for more than 30 days had higher instances of mental health problems than those held for shorter periods. She told BBC…