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Making Real Films

The radical movie-maker Ken Loach has a new film - The Angels’ Share. It is a bittersweet  a comedy. Robbie (Paul Brannigan), a young Glaswegian labelled as much by his criminal record as the chib mark on his face, wants to change his life. He wants away from the violence and the feuding, he wants a job and a future. But it’s not easy to escape your past and there aren’t many people who will help you to do it. The Angels’ Share is about people being given a chance. Loach practices what he preaches. Paul Brannigan is an ex-prisoner.

 If you ask Loach why he wanted to tell this story, he’ll tell you it’s because last year the number of unemployed young people in Britain reached more than a million. He’ll tell you that he wanted to give a voice to the young people in this country who face what he calls an “empty future”. It’s a theme he’s explored before.

“We did a film called Kes,” - regarded as amongst the best British films ever made – “which is about a lad with a talent that nobody ca…