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Farm-Workers Stand Together

NFU Scotland is calling for abolition of the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board (SAWB) and for agricultural workers' pay and conditions to be determined under general employment law. Much of the media is reporting the position of the National Farmers Union (an employers’ association and not to be confused with a genuine employees union). UNITE is the union representing the interests of agricultural workers. It has told the Scottish government that compromising the powers of the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board (SAWB) would start a race to the bottom on workers’ wages, rights and safety across the rural economy.
Scottish agricultural workers are not directly comparable to other workers in Scottish industry. Whilst other sizable groups can enter into collective bargaining agreements on a workplace or individual company basis, farm workers cannot, in the vast majority of cases, meet the threshold for statutory trade union recognition rights. Previous statics have illustrated that of…

This land of England

Almost one million households in rural England live in poverty, a study says. 928,000 households with incomes below the official poverty line of £16,492.

"A significant number of rural people are unable to share in this high quality of life, with over 928,000 rural households with incomes below the official poverty threshold." Dr Burgess, who heads the Commission for Rural Communities, said . One of Dr Burgess's recommendations is to promote community land trusts, which ensure properties are affordable for rural workers and do not become second homes. "No government, whichever colour of the day, is going to interfere dramatically into the market economy. But what we can do is mitigate the problem."

Rural problems such as lack of affordable housing and access to public transport have been highlighted for years but little has been done to solve them. Many rural communities are therefore unable to deliver a safe, prosperous and healthy quality of life.

Cumbrian slate…