Monday, February 18, 2013

Weans in need

One in five children is living in poverty in parts of almost every local council area in Scotland. Nearly all of Scotland’s local authorities – 27 out of 32 – have council wards where more than 20 per cent of their children live in poverty, according to the Campaign to End Child Poverty. Children were classed as being in poverty if their family is forced to live on 60 per cent or less of median UK income.

Children in the Glasgow North East constituency have 43 per cent classed as poor. A third of children live in poverty in Scotland’s biggest city of Glasgow, while Dundee had more than a quarter classed as poor. Edinburgh had almost one in five children in poverty, with a similar figure for Fife, East Ayrshire and North Lanarkshire.

 Recent forecasts indicate that at least 65,000 more children in Scotland will be living below the breadline by the end of the decade – a far cry from promises made in 1999 to end child poverty by 2020.

Percentage of children living in poverty
By local authority

Aberdeenshire 9%
Angus 14%
Argyll & Bute 14%
Clackmannanshire 23%
Dumfries & Galloway 17%
Dundee City 26%
East Ayrshire 22%
East Dunbartonshire 10%
East Lothian 14%
East Renfrewshire 10%
Edinburgh, City of 19%
Western Isles 11%
Falkirk 17%
Fife 20%
Glasgow City 33%
Highland 15%
Inverclyde 24%
Midlothian 18%
Moray 12%
North Ayrshire 25%
North Lanarkshire 21%
Orkney Islands 8%

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