Saturday, March 25, 2017

Gustav's Gems

In his work "The Rise of Capitalism", Dr. Bang analyzes the collapse of the Chartist Movement. This was the great movement for universal suffrage in Britain in the 19th century.
"That happened which had to happen. Chartism had to terminate. It had to do so because, historically, it was not in consonance with the evolutionary stage of the period. Capitalism was not sufficiently ripe for overthrow. It was in its ascendancy, both as regards inner and external development. It had barely put the first lap behind, and it was to pass through a series of phases before the germs of its dissolution could manifest themselves. Preparations for its coming collapse could be made, the collapse could be hastened, but this could be done only by the workers gaining in strength, organizationally, tactically, and in consistent progress, and in the measure that the bourgeoisie became weakened.A big victory that in itself, meant a definite step toward a new social order, could not yet be won." 
Today, capitalism has developed to the extent that it is ripe to be overthrown. Has the world's working class themselves become more educated about how it should be overthrown? Or indeed, do they think it needs to be overthrown?
They need to wake up PDQ, before the effects of capitalism destroy life on this planet.
 For socialism, 
Steve and John.

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