Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Violence Takes Many Forms

Two short articles in the Toronto Star of December 3 focused on violence against women. A new E.U. Survey disclosed that 27% of Europeans say there are circumstances that make sex without consent justifiable, like drunkenness for example. Lillia Mouline, a T.V. host for Moroccan state television, caused an online uproar prompting an apology from the station. Ms. Mouline gave advice on how to use cosmetics to hide domestic violence, saying "Use foundation with yellow in it. If you use the white one, your red punch marks will always show." Though the reaction to Ms. Mouline's comments are understandable and though domestic violence and rape are inexcusable, nevertheless violence take many forms.
 The violence of the capitalist class in its blatant genocide of indigenous people, because it wanted their lands (and still does) is contemptible. The violence of workers fighting and killing each other in wars so their bosses can amass fat profits is also contemptible. In a socialist society all the economic pressures that drives capitalists and workers to commit violent acts will no longer exist.
 We cannot say there will be no personal violence, but we can say it will be considerably less, and any who commit such acts, as a result of bad mental health, will get all the help they need. 
Steve and John

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