Sunday, March 12, 2017

Partners In Your Own Exploitation?

Drivers and cyclists who work for Uber Eats in Toronto received E-mails on November 29 that the company will cut their wages from 30 to 50 per cent.All Uber delivery people are contractors. Prior to the changes cyclists would get $6.50 when they picked up an order, a fee that added up if they picked up multiple orders from the same restaurant, and $1.85 per kilometer of distance travelled. Uber would then take 35 per cent of the total delivery fee as its cut. Now they will get $2.90 for a pick up regardless of how many meals the cyclist may pick up. The distance rate is now $1.05 per kilometer, but (big surprise) Uber's 35 per cent cut remains the same. 

The only funny thing is the company refers to the contractors as ''partners''- yes the working class have soooo much in common with their exploiters.
 Steve and John.

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