Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ignore The Problem - IT Might Go Away.

In Georgia and Tennessee there seems no end in sight for the drought. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency said about 300 of the states 480 water serving systems are suffering moderate to exceptional drought. Watering lawns and washing cars is restricted in some parts of the south and more severe water limits will be imposed if the drought continues.

In some areas Beaver dams have been demolished to increase water flow. About 10.000 skiers go to Beech Mountain, North Carolina, on weekends, but now there is no snow, there are no skiers, so the economy of the town suffers.

Kevin Chambers of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, said he wasn't sure they will have enough water to get through the winter - yet still the highly paid mouthpieces of the capitalist class in the U.S. declare in their infinite wisdom that there is no global warming problem.

Steve and John

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