Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The Socialist Party has no interests other than those of the working class. Capitalism has shown more and more clearly its inability to serve the needs of the people.  Wars, poverty, hunger, recessions and unemployment have been the lot of the people. But the millionaires and the industrialists have made their fortunes out of the people’s sweat and blood. The capitalists have done exceptionally well; indeed, they have never been better off. Fellow-workers have paid for all this in low wages and worsening conditions while the employing class has conducted a ceaseless offensive against the workers. Collective bargaining has been turned into a farce. The failure of the Labour governments and the failure of reformism is not the failure of socialism. Concerned only to defend capitalism and profit, the political leaders openly betray workers' interests. Only by the establishment of Socialism can workers' problems be finally solved and people guaranteed a good life, lasting peace and steadily rising living standards. Socialism means an end to capitalist profit and exploitation, for it will deprive the capitalists of their ownership and control of the factories and workshops, mills and mines, and land, shipyards and transport, and ensure that production is organised for the use of the people and not for the profit of the tiny minority of capitalists. The capitalist class is not interested in production to benefit the peoples of the world or even their “own” people. They are interested only in profits. If the productive forces in the world were to be utilised for the purposes of construction, the entire planet could be transformed and the standards of living and level of culture raised to undreamed of heights. This is not possible under capitalism. Plenty under this system can only produce crises of over-production, slumps and unemployment, because of the basic necessity of the capitalist class to make profits. Economists openly forecast a new economic recession in the imminent future. This springs from the economic laws of the system, not the desires, good or bad, on the part of the capitalists.

Socialism means peace and an end to the danger of wars because in socialism there are no longer capitalists who want to conquer new markets, to capture raw materials and to exploit other people for cheap labour. Socialists have always taught that war was not a question of the wickedness of individuals but the result of the conflicts caused by private ownership and profit and the existence of separate national states. There is only one class which loses in war and that is the working class. Workers in America, in Russia, in China and in Britain, like the workers everywhere, have their class interests in common. End the system that leads to war. 

Socialism ends the gulf between poverty and plenty and frees the creative energies of the people for gigantic strides forward in economic, social and cultural advances. Socialism means an end to slumps and unemployment. Socialism means freedom for the people—freedom from poverty and insecurity, freedom for men, women and children to develop their capacities to the full, without fear or favour and the opening of new opportunities for the family and new respect for the individual. Socialism means the abolition of capitalism. The way forward lies through the united action of the working people. The power of the working people, uniting all sections who recognise the need for social change and participate in carrying it through create the conditions for the establishment of socialism. The ownership and control by the people of all the main productive and distributive resources of the country will provide the means necessary for the reorganisation and extension of all social services, and the direct participation of the people in administering them.

The Socialist Party is out to change the whole system throughout the whole world. We, socialists, refuse to join the reformists in leading the workers into the camp of capitalism. Only a socialist revolution can prevent the outbreak of more global wars and the relapse of humanity into barbarity. To this inspiring task, we summon the workers of city and country – all who are oppressed by capitalism. The myriad evils of capitalism will disappear only with the destruction of capitalism and the building of socialism. The struggle for socialism will be an arduous one but only by wresting the state power from the capitalists can we begin the task of building a new society made to serve a truly human civilisation. The only road is the socialist road. End capitalism that breeds war, suffering, and oppression. Forward, workers of the world, forward to the new world that awaits us. Use the ballot against capitalism. Vote for socialism.” Vote for the Socialist Party, the only party that keeps the revolutionary banner unfurled and engages in the unremitting struggle for a socialist world. 

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