Monday, March 20, 2017

It's Obvious Nothing Changes Under Capitalism

On December 16 Venezuela became a country without cash. The most widely used banknote, the 100 Bolivar, which had previously been worth 2 American cents, went out of circulation. Higher denomination bills which were meant to replace it had not arrived at the banks and no explanation was given. This meant people looking to buy groceries were out of luck as banks had run out of lower denomination bills like 20 and 50 Bolivar notes. There were no political protests as people scrambled to figure a way of fulfilling their needs in a country operating without money, but with a price tag on everything they would want. 
And this in a country that claims to be a Socialist one - how ridiculous can it get?
 It's shades of the runaway inflation in Germany in the early 20's, when workers were paid four times a day.
It's obvious nothing changes under Capitalism, so why don't we all work for its abolition?
 Steve and John

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