Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Cheering News To Lighten All The Gloom And Doom

Those of you who have read so far may be wondering if there is any cheering news to lighten all the gloom and doom? well, there ain't much, but, one little goodie is that church attendance is dropping in Canada, which suggests folk are giving up on religion - but let's hear from a guy who can explain it better than me. 

Karl Marx said:
 ''Religion, the family, the State, law, morality, science, art, etc. are only particular forms of production and come under its general law. The positive abolition of private property as the appropriation of human life is thus the positive abolition of all alienation and thus the return of man from religion, the family, the State etc. to his human, ie social life. Religious alienation only occurs in the sphere of consciousness, in the inner life of man, but economic alienation is that of real life and is abolition, therefore, affects both aspects. Of course, the development in different nations has a different origin according to whether the actual life of the people is more in the realm of mind or in the external world, whether it is a real or ideal life.'' 

From Marx's 'Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts', 1844.

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