Tuesday, March 06, 2018

There Is Something Rotten In The States Of Capitalism.

On one newscast at the end of Jan. CBC announced the following Goodies. Yellow Pages cut another 500 jobs across Canada as it moves from print to digital directories. Campbell Soups are closing their plant in Etobicoke, Ontario next year, not that it isn't making a profit, but bigger ones could be made by sending the work to their 3 plants in the U.S. 

In Whitby, Ontario, the decline in sales in the housing market means a $75 to $95 thousand decrease in price over the last year at a new housing estate. The folks who bought last year feel like chumps. Toronto's Union Station will soon lay off their red cap porters and hire "station attendants''. 

This will probably be a young guy's they who will work for less with no benefits or pensions. Now all this on one broadcast! 

It's not a case of there being something rotten in the state of Canada, but plenty rotten throughout all of capitalism.
For socialism, 

Steve, Mehmet, John & all contributing members of the SPC.

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