Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Musings from the past for socialist libraries

"Man ought to be able, wherever placed, to find for himself the means of existence; but I was to open a new scene of life, to remove to some distant spot, to be prepared against the ill-will of mankind, and the unexplored projects of the hostility of a most accomplished foe. The actual means of existence are the property of all. What should hinder me from taking that of which I was really in want, where, in taking it, I risked no vengeance, and perpetrated no violence? The property in question will be beneficial to me, and the voluntary surrender of it is accomplished with no injury to its late proprietor; what other condition can be necessary to render the use of it on my part a duty? He that lately possed it has injured me; does that alter its value as a medium of exchange? He will boast perhaps of the imaginary obligation he has conferred on me: surely to shrink for a thing in itself right from any such apprehension, can be the result only of pusillanimity and cowardice!" - William Godwin, Caleb Williams, 1794

For socialism, 
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