Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Things Are Becoming Clearer


No government is able to foretell the prosperity or the failure of its industries. They may guess and perhaps sometimes be right — which will allow them to claim special powers — but it all rests upon the market, which itself is anarchic and uncontrollable. Of course, when a government is able to publish figures which are seen as hopeful — falling unemployment or lower prices for example — Chancellors are quick to claim credit for them. It is only when the statistics tell a different story — when the jobless are increasing or prices spiralling — that governments take refuge in the excuse that they have been hit by the equivalent of a snow blizzard in August.

Capitalism and its unpleasant side-effects ride roughshod over us all (like some giant steamroller crushing and flattening creativity, talent, feelings and our natural inclinations) for example, so-called “education” does little more than pour out a certain quota of information and indoctrination, necessary to turn out more compliant wage slaves. We’re constantly encouraged to work against nature in order to get by under this system. Despite a system that tries to knock it out of them, every hour of every day, people are social animals and work with each other. it’s overwhelmingly clear, that in our lives greed, selfishness and couldn’t-care-less attitude are merely a result of human conditioning, drummed into us all.

 We are so accustomed to dealing with money that we have come to think in its terms and find it difficult to imagine a world without it. It is the money system that restricts choice and freedom. Capitalism is inherently violent. It relies on seizing the means of sustenance from people and forcing them to labour in a hierarchical structure in order to purchase what they need to survive in an established market system. This involves establishing a repressive legal structure which enforces adherence to this system. It is rooted in class domination. Conflict and coercion are at its core. It has people whose lives simply don’t matter” and they are turned into enemies, minorities, refugees, migrants, the poor and the mentally ill. The capitalist system whose underlying tendency towards the ever-increasing concentration of wealth repeatedly humiliates, de-legitimises, and discredits the vulnerable. They endure collateral damage because capitalism doesn’t care about them and it is indifferent to its cruelty. What if, for example, immigrants were simply seen as fellow humans, and helped? Basic human needs are utterly unfulfilled at every level and most politicians and most of the media view problems as just us-vs.-them. A hungry family? Forget them. The capitalists have long worked to discourage activism on the part of the people,

Everyone can see that living conditions are worsening  Every person has experienced the cost of living rises in food and fuel. Wages and salaries are not keeping up with inflation, and debt, inequality, and insecurity are growing everywhere. No amount of politician's distractions can hide the harsh reality people are undergoing.  No longer can it be concealed by disinformation or propaganda charades. Despite contradictory news headlines every week, the rich and their political, media, and think tank representatives continue to work overtime to foster the illusion that the global economy is strong, booming, and resilient. The future, according to them, looks bright. Nothing could be further from the truth. The rich remain out of touch and are determined to advance an agenda that will bring greater pain for the people to protect their profits if it is not opposed every step of the way.

Despite the disheartening and depressing developments occurring across the world, despair and despondency, while understandable, are not inevitable. Anger and hope can galvanise people into action. It actually makes working for change more critical. There is no need to sit back and watch helplessly as the whole world goes to hell. People are not readily expressing their doubts, worries and fears, but these are just beneath the surface nevertheless. They may as yet not be questioning, but the questions are formulating in their minds. There is no bigger question than how bad will things get before we begin to take action and are we going to do everything possible to make our world a better place for our children and their children? And the answer, surely, must be yes.

There is no doubt, that people are growing more clear-sighted. It was Abraham Lincoln who said –“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”


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