Monday, August 01, 2022

This is the Time for Change


The workers are beginning to understand the economic system of capitalism and that they are victims of a vicious circle. The cutting down of wages of the workers in all occupations, and in many cases the adding to the working hours, has resulted in lowering the standard of life to such a degree that it has become positively untenable. They will learn that capitalism can no longer grapple with the situation and only a socialist revolution will save them and the world at large.  The idea of socialism is transforming minds, spreading wider and deeper with more precise meaning among workers all the world over,  taking us ever closer to the great goal — the emancipation of mankind from the present economic and political oppression.

The power to produce the requisites of life is far greater now than, ever before. Science and technology are making it possible to produce every essential need with ever-increasing efficiency. Despite contrary claims, natural resources exists in abundance, human energy and skill is in abundance and there is a genuine desire for useful articles of all kinds existing in every home yet under capitalist control of industry it is impossible to bring these together. Never in human history have there been such utter incompetence now existing. The curse of capitalist control for profit hangs ever over us, and such is the capitalists’ utter incapacity or unwillingness habitually fails to meet people’s needs.  So long as the workers continue every hour of every day to render every useful service to the capitalist class, furnishing them with every luxury and obeying their every wish and whim, the plutocrats and  oligarchs will continue to ignore and heap insult upon the workers, condemning them to subsistence-conditions. The Socialist Party can foretell  the fall of wages under the pressure of international labour competition, fostered and intensified by corporate globalisation.  The Socialist Party is asking no favours of capitalism and granting none; it is pandering to no organisation and no man or set of men to curry favours; it stands squarely on the class struggle, defiantly challenging the capitalist class, relying only upon the awakening working class to rally to its standard and carry it to victory. The paramount issue is working class victory. All other things are secondary. Any organisation that attempts to obscure this truth damns itself. The Socialist Party is working to get the whole movement along the lines of class conscious radical activity to achieve the final purpose of the movement, the social revolution.

 It is the workplace that gathers workers together in large groups with like aims and needs. It is the workplace that produces class consciousness and class solidarity. Working people have little  to lose and will arise in their might and fight for a better life. They will see and use the tools that will bring the abolition of the wages system. The Socialist Party reaffirms its allegiance to the principle of internationalism and working-class solidarity the world over, and proclaims its unfaltering opposition to the capitalist class. Capitalism breeds unreason and hatred. It obscures the struggles of the workers for life, liberty, and justice. It strives to sever the vital bonds of solidarity between fellow workers in other countries, to destroy their organisations and to curtail their political rights and liberties. In support of capitalism, we will not willingly sacrifice a single life; in support of the struggle of the workers for freedom we pledge our all. 

In every country, workers are oppressed and exploited. They produced enormous wealth but the bulk of it was withheld from them by the owners of the industries.  Workers are deprived of the wealth that they themselves had created.

The forces of capitalism have led to the war in Ukraine. The acute competition between the capitalist Great Powers, their jealousies and distrusts of one another have brought once again a ghastly war to Europe. It was not caused by an accidental event, nor by the policy of a single person such as Putin or by a single  institutions such as NATO. It was the logical outcome of the competitive capitalist system. The misery and sufferings of Ukrainians, have not been sacrifices exacted in a struggle for principles or ideals, but wanton offerings upon the altar of private profit. The Ukrainian war was instigated by predatory capitalists to acquire spheres of influence. The war cannot be justified even on the plea that it is a war in defence. It is not a war to advance the cause of democracy. It is not a war against the militarist regime of Russia. It was the opportunity of certain groups of capitalists to coin cold profits out of the blood and sufferings of our fellow workers.

The end of wars will come with the establishment of socialism and industrial democracy the world over. The Socialist Party calls upon all the workers to join it in its struggle to reach this goal, and thus bring into the world a new society in which peace, fraternity, and human brotherhood will be the dominant ideals.

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