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The Gun-Runners in Glasgow

Glasgow City Council’s Strathclyde , Scotland’s most substantial local authority pension scheme,  has been sharply criticized for investing £83 million in 11 of the world’s biggest arms firms.
At the close of 2014, the fund had shares amounting to £19.6 million in Lockheed Martin and Boeing – two of the biggest arms manufacturers on the planet. Lockheed Martin, one of the Strathclyde Pension Fund's leading benefactors, produces military aircraft, armored ground vehicles, missiles, unmanned systems for air and naval systems. It exports arms to states across the globe, including Israel and Bahrain. Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace firm, and the largest producer of military aircraft and commercial jetliners in the world. Its aircraft have been deployed in military campaigns in war-torn states such as Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.
 Other leading arms firms invested in by the fund include Safran (£17.2 million), Honeywell (£16.4 million),…