Sunday, January 09, 2022

A new road towards the future


It is rather disappointing to admit that working people still do not hold the slightest inkling about what to do to reverse the driving force behind their problems and plight, the inescapable consequences of capitalism’s harsh economic power. The politicians and intellectuals keep conjuring up their quack cures and our fellow workers keep falling for their trickery.


The propaganda of “freedom” and “democracy” makes a deep impression upon those Wilhelm Reich describe as the “Little Man”, although victims of the capitalists, they lend a receptive ear to the right-wing “crusaders” of liberty. They willingly conform to the economic interests of the ruling class that shaped their ideas, enthusiastically submitting to the “Fuhrer principle”, the hierarchy of leaders commanding them from the top. “Freedom” means to run society as the owning class sees fit and “democracy” is whatever method they deem applicable to impose their will.  If our fellow workers cannot break with the tainted past, its corrupted thinking and its poisoned practices, we will merely see working people sink deeper into the political swamp.


  The early demise of the Socialist Party was repeatedly and confidently predicted by its left-wing rivals but it has been the Independent Labour Party, the Socialist Labor Party and a host of Trotskyist parties that have disappeared from the political scene.

 The Socialist Party of Great Britain has survived because its ideas have passed the test of experience and events. Far from facing extinction the SPGB today is preparing for future growth. We may indeed be a tiny grouping but the heart of the socialist case we present remains to beat while the Left are the living dead, refusing their burial. Our record of longevity does not lull us into smugness nor offer any false satisfaction. We are confident of our ability to master the questions posed to us by our fellow workers and as in the past, confident of our progress as long as we remain committed to MarxismThat cannot be accomplished overnight, admittedly. We require political action, undertaken by us as a class entirely independent of the capitalist class and its politicians. We cannot be swayed by arrogant academic intellectuals strutting about pitifully confused, painfully ignorant and shamefully biased unable to lead themselves anywhere, let alone lead others, incapable of setting alight the minds of the youth but rather now repelling them by their debasement of the socialist ideal. This is not said in self-glorification. The capitalists find their political henchmen seek to paralyse the workers.

The capitalist ruling class is a brazen group of exploiters. They had their way during the pandemic and made billions in profits and distributed billions in dividends and interest to themselves. They get away with it too. They are successful. They succeed because they have a government of their own. They have a president or prime minister of their own choosing. They own the courts to protect them and theirs. They send their people into the Cabinet. Later they take their people out of the government and bring them back to the Corporations. 

Let there be no misunderstanding, the Socialist Party’s purpose is to reconstruct a global movement based on the ideas of Marxism, in opposition to others’ narrow, national limitations. Some people claim that to vote for a candidate representing the ideas of socialism means to throw away one’s vote. In actuality, the person who votes for a pro-capitalist lesser-evil is throwing his or her vote away, because this means preferring one corrupt political party as against another. A vote for socialism means that you protest against a system that utilizes its tremendous productive capacity only for profit, for war, for death and for destruction. Have the satisfaction of protesting against a system based on exploitation, greed and racial and national hatreds. Socialists will not be coerced or intimidated. There is no other road for workers other than socialism which leads to freedom and security. 

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