Friday, November 23, 2007

Church Business

Serve God ?

Only if there is a bonus in it .

The Vatican says it has decided to give financial rewards to employees who are doing a good job.
It says it will take into account issues such as "dedication, professionalism, productivity and correctitude" when awarding a pay rise.

It says that "this novelty brings an element of incentive and remuneration into the Vatican salary system".

The new, corporate-style incentives are likely to require some careful book-balancing, the BBC's says.

Salaries already constitute the largest drain on the Vatican's finances - and its coffers are feeling the pressure of the falling value of the US dollar,

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Matthew Culbert said...

Well now we are not negotiating in Plenary or otherwise indulgences,so many days/tears off of Purgarory,the Vat employees can use unions like everybody else.The should know by now that they are, like everybody else just working for, "The Man".