Thursday, November 29, 2007

Long Live The Workers - NOT

Men in routine jobs, such as bus drivers and refuse collectors, are more likely to die early figures show. The Office for National Statistics data showed routine workers were nearly 3 times more likely to die by the age of 64 than high-level managers. After the routine workers, semi-routine staff, including postmen and security guards, were most likely to die early.

The average 65-year-old man in Glasgow could expect to live a further 13.8 years, the lowest life expectancy in Britain.

"Those in better paid, more prestigious jobs are less likely to suffer violence, behave differently, are treated better and value their work more."

The report said the most disadvantaged were more likely to live in poor housing, be exposed to environmental pollution and occupational hazards, have a poor diet and smoke. Conditions at work also play a part with career prospects, control over work and performance-related bonuses associated with better health and longer life.

This latest research just confirms previously that we have featured here on Socialist Courier

The report said: "Generally, the literature suggests that occupations with greater autonomy and control experience better health."

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Matthew Culbert said...

I can hear an elderly voice in my head,"Wan fit in the grave".It gets really bad as I phone an elderly relative and she cites all my younger cousins,Glasgow Calton East-enders,who have all expired prematurely, even younger than these statistics proclaim.(Under 30's)I had to trade off a cancer, (Glasgow Parkhead East-ender, she didn't know about, to escape.