Saturday, November 03, 2007


It is a basic premise of the case for socialism that capitalism is a wasteful society. Just how wasteful it has become was illustrated by the following news item. "The U.S. government spent $43.5 billion on intelligence in 2007, according to the first official disclosure under a new law implementing recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission. National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell released the newly declassified figure Tuesday. In a statement, the DNI said there would be no additional disclosures of classified budget information beyond the overall spending figure because "such disclosures could harm national security." How the money is divided among the 16 intelligence agencies and exactly what it is spent on is classified. It includes salaries for about 100,000 people, multibillion dollar secret satellite programs, aircraft, weapons, electronic sensors, intelligence analysts, spies, computers and software. Much of the intelligence budget - about 70 percent - goes to contractors for the procurement of technology and services including analysis, according to a May 2007 chart from the DNI's office. Intelligence spending has increased by a third over 10 years ago, in inflation adjusted dollars, according to Steve Kosiak at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments." (Yahoo News, 30 October)
100,000 workers spending their days snooping on other workers. Madness! RD


Anonymous said...

For the 2008 budget 45 billion is set aside for intelligence. Not that it does any good. Between ignoring real threats (9-11), creating fake ones (WMDs in Irag) and illegal spying on Americans (warretnless wiretaps) it's clear its purpose is not "national security".

Matthew Culbert said...

Intelligence is the last thing they get too.

Society is capable of feeding the whole world and in fact 30 thousands deaths a day doesn't register on capitalisms collective conscience or feedback mechanisms as they are not market targets.