Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Capitalism: Sharks eat small-fry

We live in a world if private property relationships—where the minority have and the millions have not. A world ruled by buying and selling with profit as the driving force. Competition and conflict dominate our lives. Men compete for jobs and capitalists compete for commerce. The sharks eat the small fry.

You are poor because you are deprived of the things you produce—because you let the 1% to exploit you. You will remain poor until you put an end to exploitation. The movement for socialism is born out of the miseries and enslavement of the multitude; it demands of its proponents sincerity and steadfastness. It is not a movement to provide a person, with a silver tongue, a ladder to climb out of oppressive conditions at the expense of others. Our emancipation depends upon ourselves and can only be accomplished by ourselves. Each new generation of radicals believe they have been sold -out by the previous generation, yet often the "dissenter" of today is the aspiring statesman of tomorrow.

Have you ever thought that socialism might be the answer? Not nationalisation, or some vague talk of public ownership but a world based upon common ownership of the means of wealth production. Socialism is the name given to a future state of society in which all the people will take a part in doing whatever is necessary, according to their capacities, and in return will receive whatever they require that is within the power of society to provide, with due regard to the needs of each. The more important of such things are food, clothing and shelter. A world where men will co-operate to serve the interests of all. Not production for buying and selling and killing, but to serve people's needs—for use, not for profit. We only require the best food and in sufficient quantity to keep us satisfied and healthy; it is not essential that we gorge ourselves in endless banquets. We only require the best of clothing and in sufficient quantity for comfort and adornment; it is not essential that we should make ourselves into fashion models striding the catwalk. We only require sufficient housing accommodation to enable us to live comfortably and free from foul smells and unsightliness; we do not require a mansion with rooms enough to get lost in. There are those who know not the meaning of a full belly of wholesome nutritious food, who wear rags and patched up hand-me-downs clothing and patchless, who live in slums and shanty towns without comfort or sanitation; we would see all them lifted out of their misery and placed in the midst of contentment and security. Socialism will be worldwide and means the abolition of classes. The Socialist Party works to this end. It is the only solution to major social problems.

A pipe dream you may say. But only so long as you and millions like you are prepared to waste your time dealing with the effects of capitalism instead of removing the causes. The Socialist Party offers you no easy way out. Socialism will not come about by marches, sit-downs, or days of prayer. Socialism requires the understanding of men and women. It is not a blind faith, but a conviction based on knowledge. The choice is in your hands. Either the present type of world continues with its wars and poverty, or you build the only desirable alternative that will be in harmony with social development. The only alternative to the capitalist system is a planet where everything is owned in common and controlled democratically — where there is free access to all wealth — where the sole aim of production is to satisfy human needs. There can be no socialism without conscious socialists; it is time to give up hope in the sterile fantasies of the reformists — it is time to take socialism seriously. The real choice before mankind is socialism or capitalism. Where do you stand?

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