Thursday, April 21, 2016

For the Queen on her birthday

 Lines on Oliver Cromwell in Ramsay Churchyard, Huntingdonshire,1848
“The old Plantagenets brought us chains; 
the Tudors frowns and Scars, 
The Stuarts brought us lives of shame; 
the Hanoverians wars; 
But his brave man, with his strong arm, 
brought freedom to our Lives 
-The best of Princes England had, 
was the Farmer of St. Ives” 
 A 'Jubilee Version of “God Save the Queen”' from the 1880s runs:

Lord help our precious Queen,
Noble, but rather mean,
Lord help the Queen.
Keep Queen VicTORYous,
From work laborious 
Let snobs uproarious,
Slaver the Queen.

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