Monday, January 28, 2019

A few questions

Capitalism system always values money over humanity

The rich are undeserving of much of their wealth. That is not envy of the wealthy, but instead a truth. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is worth $160 billion. He accumulated wealth on the backs of his employees, some who must get food stamps to survive. Bezos does not have the technological prowess or ability to build the statistical modeling, the intellect that designed the millions of products he sells, nor the labour to move his products. Yet we have an economic system that rewards him at the top of the chain. 
At some point, people will come to the realization that our economic system created our wealth inequality and disparity. People will question the “why” of every part of the capitalist economy.

Why can the individual or a corporation profit from natural resources that should belong to us all?

Why an investor may risk “capital,” but human beings are told to risk their bodies and well-being?

Why is it that the first question of a politician is always, “How will that affect business”?

Why do businesses place profits for the rich and powerful over the interests of people and planet?

Why under this system, capital and corporations are allowed to cross borders at will but not people?

Why even well-meaning governments are forced to submit to capital’s whims, and slash environmental and labour regulations in the hopes of attracting investment?

Why political demagogues can rise to power scapegoating their victims.

Why do people expect the world’s rulers to restructure the global economy when they are doing very well out of it, rather than we do it ourselves so we can benefit?

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