Monday, May 13, 2019

Glasgow Branch Meeting (15/5)

The current confusion and division in the Labour Party should be an opportunity for socialists. What is of importance now is that people who may identify with wanting to create a genuinely socialist society of common ownership, democratic control and free access to wealth, don’t get suckered in by a radical-sounding, ‘populist’ reform movement that has yet to prove its popularity anywhere beyond the already like-minded. The attempt to reform capitalism by so-called benevolent governments has always been a disaster and there’s nothing to suggest it would be any different next time. The Labour Party is in a mess. The Labour Party has no answers to basic working class problems because it is ignorant of their cause. The squalid squabbles which presently dominates the Labour Party is nothing but an unprincipled power struggle. 

The Socialist Party has no leaders. That does not mean that we are unorganised, but that we are structured along democratic lines. Workers can only join our party if they understand what it stands for. All applicants for membership are required to undertake a short written or verbal ‘test’ designed to enable them to demonstrate an understanding of – and agreement with – this Object and Principles and also of the Party’s basic political positions not otherwise directly covered in the Declaration. There has been a sound reason for this as all members, once admitted, have full democratic rights and stand in basic equality to one another. This kind of political democracy can only work on the basis of agreement around fundamental principles and there would be no point in a socialist organisation giving full democratic rights to those who, in any significant way, disagreed with the socialist case. The outcome of that would be entirely predictable. Once in, it is their party, their say is as important as the next comrade’s. Our Executive Committee is only empowered to carry out the wishes of the membership. The Socialist Party does not just talk about democracy, we practice it.

The Socialist Party is concerned with how capitalism works, what socialism means and how to create a new order of society. This requires a reasoned approach and for our fellow workers to seriously consider our alternative approach to politics.

So come and learn more:

Wednesday, May 15th,  at  
Maryhill Community Central Halls,
 304 Maryhill Road, 
Glasgow G20 7YE

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