Friday, May 17, 2019

The SPGB Vision

The Socialist Party holds a vision of a new world for which the process of social evolution has been maturing over the centuries, a system of common ownership and administration by a majority of the people, where no one set of human beings could any longer exploit and abuse others for profit, ending all the poverty, vices and disease generated by capitalism — a vicious system of every man for himself and devil take the innocent, helpless and the vulnerable. There would be no longer shameful seizure of the land and wealth of indigenous peoples in socialism. Peace would triumph over war which capitalism uses as a profitable investment. Socialism which is the next stage in social progress can and will create a new era of good living and happiness for the peoples of all countries who unite to fulfill the highest destiny of mankind.

The Socialist Party has always insisted that the worldwide problems of capitalism will lead workers quite independently of ourselves to grasp the need for a rationally organised society where mankind as a whole can plan production without being hampered by class or national limitations. To those workers arriving at these conclusions we want to extend the hand of socialist fraternity. And above all we want to work with them as comrades in the struggle to establish a socialist world.

The Socialist Party maintains that there can be no fundamental change in the living conditions of the people while a belligerent  minority holds economic power over the natural resources and keeps the right to exploit the majority for individual gain.

The Socialist Party insist that the basis of exploitation — the use of men and women for personal profits and power — lie in the capitalist system. Reforms do not remove the villain of the piece from the scene of action. While he holds economic power the people will bear the weight of any measures of partial reform.

The Socialist Party believe that the fundamental basis of a true socialist society must be change from a capitalist system of ownership, exploitation and control to one of common ownership, democratic administration and control of the affairs of a nation by the men and women who produce its wealth.

The Socialist Party does not want a bloody revolution. Revolution means change. There have been revolutions in art, industry and social relations which have not caused bloodshed. The Socialist Party declares that they have the right to organise and educate the people so that they will be able to bring about the change in the basis of the State and of our social system. By so doing, we believe they reduce the dangers of “bloody” revolution, which do not come from us in any case. The Socialist Party believes that the new system of social ownership and administration can be introduced by parliamentary measures which express the will of the people. Socialism can be introduced by constitutional means.

Ask yourselves this question, who opposes this vision of a new social system: this plan for a social system based on justice and peace?

You know who? the multi-billionaires who profit by ignorance and the fear they impose. Socialists threaten their profits, their right to exploit and subjugate workers to their greed for wealth and power. Socialists consider it necessary to provide for material needs in order that men and women may develop their highest mental facilities. A plant grows to its most perfect flowering and finest fruit in good soil.

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