Sunday, January 12, 2020

Our Immediate Demands

The common ownership and control of industry and its democratic management in the interest of all the people — that is the demand of the Socialist Party

The elimination of rent, interest, and profit and the production of wealth to satisfy the wants of all the people — that is the demand of the Socialist Party.

Production for use in which all shall cooperate and work together in harmony as the basis of a new social system,  — that is the demand of the Socialist Party

The end of class struggles and class rule, of master and slave, of poverty and hunger, of cruelty and crime; the birth of freedom, the dawn of brotherhood, a new beginning for mankind — that is the demand of the Socialist Party.

The Earth for all the people — that is the demand of the Socialist Party.

That is socialism!

Socialism is the only hope of humanity!

Socialism will mean the end of the present capitalist competitive system and the introduction of the cooperative commonwealth. Is it not strange that a great many people instinctively shrink from the merest mention of it, and look upon those who advocate this perfectly sane society as the malicious enemies of society. Socialists do not propose to take away your personal property and possessions but rather end the ownership the means of wealth production by the capitalist class which enables the few to exploit vast majority. Equality is the vital principle of socialism. Its mission is to abolish class rule to guarantee economic freedom for every human being. Competition for profit would give way to cooperation for use.  The sordid spirit of commercial conquest will be dead. War and its ravages will pass into history.

 We hold a vision of a land without a master, a land without a slave. Work will no longer be servitude. Every one will gladly do his or her share of the world’s useful work. Every person can then honestly enjoy a share of the world’s blessings. Every machine will be a blessing to mankind because it will serve to reduce the number of hours required to toil. Labour will no longer be bought and sold in the markets of the world. We will not make things for sale, but will make things to use. We will fill the world with wealth and everyone can have all that he or she can rationally use. Rent, interest, and profit, three forces of exploitation, will disappear forever. Men and women will be economically free; life will no longer be a struggle for existence.

This brutal order of things must be overthrown. Humanity was not born to live in depravity and degeneracy. Full opportunity for full development of our individuality is the heritage of all and the inalienable right of all. Who denies it is a tyrant; who does not demand it is a coward; who is indifferent to it is a slave; who does not seek it is has no heart or soul. The abolition of the capitalist system does not merely mean the emancipation of the working class, but of all society.

The factories and mills and mines, transport and communications and all other means of production and distribution will be transferred to the people, industry will be operated cooperatively, and every human being will have free access to the collective wealth of society. This will mark the end of the capitalist system.

This is the goal of the Socialist Party and it is this that inspires its members. 

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