Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Socialist Party Is not for turning

Under the capitalist system the privileged few have enjoyed the fruits of the world and the vast majority of the people have been doomed to serve as beasts of burden. Those who benefit from  the advantages of this system believe that a system under which the few rule and the rest of us toil and submit to our masters is a good system.  Yet it is a economic structure which has inflicted the world with unspeakable suffering.  There is another possible system under which there is no favoured class, no special entitlements, where the Earth and its bountiful abundance becomes the common heritage of the people. Economic freedom will be established and the brotherhood of man will be inaugurated.

In today’s world the chief aim is to become wealthy. The man who has money is the master of the world, and in his presence the people prostrate themselves. The power of money now dominates every department of government. The power of money maintains an organised lobby in all the capitals of all the nation-states. It is the power of money that rules the world. They who have it are the rulers of the planet. The wealth of the world is concentrated in the hands of the few and the few dictate the destinies of all of us.

There are those who say this system is right; that it is the only system and that there exists no alternative one.  It may be a good system for those who benefit, but it is not a good system for the people at large. Greed is the dominating motive. Every man for himself and every man against every other man not working in his interests.  It is a fight for self-preservation, and in the fight the honest, conscientious, and scrupulous man goes down.

The Socialist Party says the people ought to own and operate all the means of production, to rescue society from the greed and avarice from the few and restore it to the working people. The Socialist Party proposes to supplant the present commercial competitive system with a cooperative commonwealth. The Socialist Party proposes that private property become the property of the people. The voice of socialism must be as inspiring music to the ears of those in bondage.The Socialist Party is the party of the whole working class of the whole world. Socialism means the overthrow of capitalism, the abolition of wage-slavery, and the inauguration of the cooperative commonwealth. It means a social revolution which shall give to every worker economic freedom.  We are organised to overthrow the capitalist system to establish a socialist society in which all men and all women, regardless of race or nationality, may enjoy equal freedom. To accomplish this we are not making war upon individuals, but upon a social and industrial system.  The fact remains that under the present system government is controlled absolutely in the interest of the capitalist class and its chief function is to keep the working class in subjection. We live today under class rule, whether the government in office be Labour or Tory, Republican or Democratic, the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the government — are simply the functionaries of the ruling class and could not, even were they so disposed, materially change conditions resulting from the class ownership of the means of production, that is to say, the means of life. Between these capitalist parties there is no economic difference so far as the the people is concerned. They are all committed to capitalist ownership, class rule, and wage slavery.

The Socialist Party is the only political party in the world today whose declared purpose it is to abolish class rule and establish a republic whose fundamental principle is the equal rights and freedom of all. The other political parties all believe in the capitalist system and support the private ownership of the means of production, and believe that the workers, who produce all wealth and support all government and all civilisation, should be dependent upon the capitalists for the opportunity to work, and therefore doomed to live and die in wage slavery.

 Abolish capitalism, the private ownership by the few of the means whereby the great mass live, give all the oppressed economic freedom so that they may have the right to work and to receive and enjoy all they produce, and the gender, national and race question will be no more. The Socialist Party wants every vote it can get, provided it represents the intelligence, dignity, and honesty of the person who casts it. The Socialist Party does not buy votes with promises.

 Now, right now, is the time to begin. 

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