Thursday, January 09, 2020

Ruling by Fooling

When leftists advocate independence they surrender any socialist identity in order to merge with a nationalist movement. The need for socialists is to explain patiently where the electorate was being misled by nationalist idea, not reinforce them.

The Socialist Party holds that neither race nor nationality should separate the workers of the world.

The Socialist Party adopts a policy of unrelenting antagonism toward nationalism, patriotism, and xenophobia.

The Socialist Party gives no support to any nationalist group, and in place of their opportunism and hypocris echo the rallying cry of Marx and Engels, "Workers of All Countries, Unite!"

The Socialist Party holds that the only real divisions which exist in the world are between different social and economic groups. In capitalist countries this consists in a division between the capitalist class, which owns and controls the means of production, and the working class, which owns none of them and which has to sell its mental and physical labour-power to the capitalist class in order to live.

Feelings of loyalty to a nation are purely subjective, having no basis in reality. Nationalist ideologies and movements represent the interests of the capitalist class.

The rivalries between nations are an expression of a struggle between rival ruling classes using the nation in waging their disputes. National boundaries may be altered  may even disappear— but such re-arrangements of things geographical can in no way abolish, or even lessen, the poverty of the many. Nor can constitutional changes, re-defining sovereignty.

Our place of birth is accidental, but our obligation is to our class worldwide.

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