Thursday, January 02, 2020

To the Workers of the World

The media has an excellent method of confusing the workers and keeping them under mental imprisonment. This method consists in putting up slogans and sound-bites that are lacking substance and absolutely empty of content. The greatest lie of our times, the most despicable, used to confuse the working-class is that they are not telling people that so long as the rich remain in power, so long as the destinies of every country are decided by the interests of the capitalists. The wars will continue to be fought for years and years, without any prospect of peace for the people. The world will be soaked in blood; corpses will be mountain high and war will continue because nowhere are the ruling classes able to bring, it to an end. Nowhere do the ruling classes offer the people a way out of the nightmare of suffering. There is one way out and it is not by putting or keeping people in slavery but by freeing all those who are enchained. That is what the workers must do and can do. The Socialist Party is a political party that stands irreconcilably opposed to capitalism.

It’s no good voting for a new set of leaders to manage the present planetary chaos in a slightly friendlier fashion. Even if they really wanted to, politicians can do nothing to solve the problems.

Do you really want to go on working almost every day of your life, just to generate profits for a tiny group of capitalists? Do you know that eight individuals now possess as much wealth as half of the world’s population? Do you realize how fundamentally insane that is? Do you want to live in a society more and more characterised by poverty, addiction and despair? In which children are constantly dying of hunger or being killed in wars - all completely unnecessarily? Do you want to see the natural environment trashed in the pursuit of profit?

A socialist society would not be one organised “for the many, not the few”. It would be a society that has entirely abolished such class division. Communism or socialism (the same thing, whatever the Leninists say) requires getting rid of the buying and selling system and creating a society of free access to goods and services. With the productive capabilities that exist today, there is enough for everybody to enjoy a life of abundance without undertaking any wage labour. 

Once a progressive force (for all its horrors), capitalism today is a system that generates totally unnecessary suffering for the majority of people and it is long overdue for abolition. It continues in large part because we, the working class, continue to give it legitimacy and because, whatever we might say to the contrary, we don’t really believe that there is an alternative to the market system.

What is needed is for workers to come together to bring an end to the madness of the profit system.

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