Saturday, June 13, 2020

An Economy for All

We in the Socialist Party seek to turn what is presently improbable into the inevitable. We want socialism. The Socialist Party’s premise is that the conception of socialism is based upon the existence of a material abundance. We propose the building of a class-free society and the presence of abundance plays a crucial role in Marx’s vision of socialism/communism. Abundance removes conflict over resource allocation, since there is enough for everyone, there is no competition over shortages. 

Make this year the turning point when the unjust, destructive, and inhumane capitalist system begins to topple and is transformed into a new rational sane society. Let future historians look back at 2020 and recognise it as the time when working people started to fundamentally change the politics and economics of the old order.

Working people are demanding an end to the outdated idea that politicians and CEOs are superior and all-knowing. They no longer wish to submit to the obsolete belief that governments are always good. Working people have had enough of the political elite stealing the wealth, offering excuses as they berate and blame working people. We’ve seen through the lies. Revolutions are not made by writing letters to our rulers or signing petitions to appeal to them.

Working people create all wealth, they do not own or control it. Workers are wage slaves who survive only by selling their labour power to the capitalists. Capitalists own the means of production and pay workers for their labour power. But the working class produces far more wealth than it receives in income. The difference is the source of capitalist profits. The capitalist system exploits the working class and creates the poverty and economic insecurity of society as a whole. 

The capitalist system is a system of economic anarchy and crisis. Capitalism is plagued by periodic economic crises, such as recessions, which are becoming more serious and complex. These crises are built into the economic system. Each enterprise tries to maximise its profits by pushing production and cutting expenses, especially the pay of workers. Economic crises are also produced by speculation, hoarding and other schemes of the bankers, financiers and industrialists. Each tries to profit in the short run, but because of this individual greed, working people suffer. This anarchistic system of capitalism wastes a great amount of social wealth. Even technological advances often are delayed or even suppressed due to profit considerations. And when technological innovations such as robotics are introduced, they are at the expense of workers who are discharged from their jobs. Governments spends hundreds of billions of dollars on a war machine whose basic purpose is to extend and protect the empire of capital.  The result of all this is that the people suffer. 

The capitalist class benefits from the misery of countless numbers of people. This exploitative and oppressive system, where profit is master, has choked our entire society with economic crises, political reaction and social decay. The drive for profits holds millions hostage to hunger and want; it has poisoned the very air we breathe; it spawns cynicism and violence, drugs, crime and other social problems.

Our fight is against capitalist exploitation, for mastery over the means of production. The emancipation of the workers will be accomplished by the workers themselves. They will achieve it through socialist revolution, which will end the private ownership of the means of production in order to establish socialist and collective property, and replace capitalist commodity production by the socialist organisation of production designed to ensure the complete well-being and full development of each person.

Exploitation, injustice, racism and oppression, and the threat of war – this is the face of capitalism today. The situation cries out for change, for a new, more rational social system – socialism!

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