Wednesday, June 24, 2020

There is only one banner - the Red Flag

Pro-independence group All Under One Banner have announced plans to hold rallies as coronavirus restrictions begin to lift in Scotland.

The group revealed the timetable for action will begin in Edinburgh on July 20, before the moving to Stirling and Glasgow in August and September.

Nationalisms divide the world.  The trouble with any nationalism is that it simply ignores the realities of power under modern capitalism. The ruling class has at its disposal massive economic wealth, on a global scale which exercises effective control over any sovereign nation no matter how powerful. 

An independent Scotland has no means of breaking that sort of power. 

The Socialist Party does not, of course, defend the present constitutional arrangement. Neither do we support encouraging separatist trends in Scotland. There is no doubt that the Scots consider themselves to be uniquely culturally Scottish but hat does not determine our socialist attitude  towards Scottish self-determination. 

The appeal of  nationalism to many working people is, of course, a result of the failure of capitalism and its political apologists to fulfill the repeated promises and Scottish national channels the discontent. Nationalism poisons the working class with the spurious belief in the common interests of opposed classes. Nationalism is always the tool of the bourgeoisie. Unlike the left-nationalists the Socialist Party does not tag along with or follow behind, nationalist movements. We resolutely struggle against them while propagating the case for socialism. Secession is not the way to workers’ liberation. It is not the remedy for the economic social problems of Scottish working people. 

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