Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Profit Motive The Very Life Blood Of Capitalism? They Are Wrong.

''Ontario COVID-19 deaths far greater in for-profit nursing homes'', were the headlines on the front page of the Toronto Star, May 9. The Star’s analysis showed that residents in the for-profit homes were four times more likely to become infected and die from the virus than those in municipal run homes. 

This is the result of the Mike Harris, Conservative government of the 1990's, which removed minimum staffing levels and set up competitive bidding for government contracts. 

Shaeleen Stewart, pres. of the Healthcare workers union, said, ''For profit nursing homes use more part-time and casual staff and have lower staffing levels compared to non-profit homes.''

 Some law suits have been initiated, but have not, at the time of writing, been certified by a judge.

 Whatever the outcome may be, it won't bring the dead back to life. Some have called the profit motive the very life blood of capitalism, but they are wrong - its the death blood.

S.P.C. Members.

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