Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Capitalism. The Divisive System.

 Even in isolation people who have been brainwashed by capitalism still find a way to spew out their hate. 

In May, YWCA Canada asked women to talk about how the impact of the global pandemic affected them specifically. This was on the video conferencing app Zoom. This is an example of how quickly people can come together and adapt to a situation and if nothing more share advice, but like so many things under capitalism it can be used or abused and it didn't take long for the abuse to come pouring in. This was in the form of racist and chauvinist comments with a torrent of profanity thrown in for bad measure, most of which were male voices. 

According to Maya Roy, CEO of YWCA Canada, ''Within two minutes of the call starting, someone started shouting racial epithets.'' 

There is no avoiding the fact that capitalism is a divisive system and is particularly obvious in a situation where everyone should stand together.

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