Thursday, June 04, 2020


It would appear to the casual observer that the capitalist system is rushing to its doom and as the system is torn asunder by its conflicts, a new social order is developing for a speedy and complete change. Can the day of change be hastened? Without a doubt. Every socialist who spreads the case for socialism helps the propaganda and encourages others to vote the socialist ticket, is doing his or her share to speed the day of the new commonwealth. It is impossible to contemplate the horrors of capitalism and remain neutral or passive unless, one be brain-dead to every sentiment of humanity. The word “politics” is to many members of society is a red flag to a bull. Politics, to them, means simply politicians trying to catch votes to elect them to some comfortable office, where they can comfortably forget all about the workers. This is using the word “politics” in too narrow a sense. Non-socialists believe that they can gradually gain political power by using the political machinery of the capitalist State to win reforms. This leads to politicians preaching all sorts of palliatives and ameliorations of the capitalist system, and draws political adventurers of all kinds, who make deals and compromises with the capitalist class. The real source of capitalist power lies in the control of the capitalist State for the purpose of protecting and extending thier ownership and control of production and distribution and it cannot therefore be used to destroy it.

Socialism will the ownership by working people in common of the instruments of production and that means a co-operative system of production and the extinction of the exploitation of the workers. The abolition of the present system of production means ending production for sale and instead substituting it with production for use, the social or co-operative production for the satisfaction of the wants of a commonwealth. Such co-operative production for use is nothing less than socialist production. Production for sale can be overcome only by such a system. Socialist production is the only system of production possible when production for sale has become redundant. The system of socialist production which has become necessary, owing to the impending bankruptcy of our present system of production for sale. Capitalism is making desperate efforts to repair its shattered world, however, the workers must reconstruct society in their own interests. To save the old system of exploitation the capitalists must strengthen the chains of wage slavery. Capitalists present a solid front against the workers. The evangelicals tells the worker to be contented; the media curses workers for being too militant. Our aim is  a commonwealth without State, without government, without classes, in which the workers shall administer the means of production and distribution for the common benefit of all.

The Socialist Party knows the only way to solve the problems of to-day is to change the system of society. In order to abolish capitalism the workers must first wrest the State power out of the hands of the capitalist class. The capitalist State is built to serve capitalism, and that is all it can do, no matter who is running it. It does not matter whether you have a Labour, Lib-Dem, Conservative, or Nationalist government, they are all doing the same job.

When the majority understand these things they will organise to introduce a new system of society, based on common ownership and democratic control of the means and methods of production and distribution by, and in, the interests of the whole community, irrespective of race, sex, or colour. Goods will be made for use and not for sale. There will be no trade, no barter, no buying, no selling. For everything will be the common property of all. The private property of the capitalist class, in order to become the SOCIAL property of the workers, cannot be turned over to individuals or groups of individuals. It must become the property of ALL IN COMMON and must be administered for the benefit of all.

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