Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What should the world tomorrow look like?


 Throughout society a deepening sense of malaise has become pervasive. Capitalist society is a reactionary social system. capitalism is on the edge of a profound crises. The real solution to the looming disasters is the socialist revolution. Only the world’s working class can lead humanity out of the historical impasse of capitalism, by making the world socialist revolution. capitalism and the consequent misery for the world can only be terminated by the conscious workers’ revolution. The socialist revolution is a conscious act of the working class. So-called “socialist” parties have been promoting state capitalism, not socialism.

The World Socialist Movement alone has a working-class policy which would give a knock-out blow to all of the exploiters and throw the whole lot of them out of the ring for all time. Then will the fullness of the earth and the valuable cultures of all peoples be freely available for the whole of mankind. The world socialist revolution, is a revolution of a majority aimed at the ending of class- divided society and the ending of all exploitation of man by man. With the ending of all property rights in the means of production, that is the establishment of a new form of society, class conflicts will cease. The way is prepared for the new progress in which man will replace the blind way of economic forces, by the conscious direction of economically free men and womensocialism. Emancipation is not going to be achieved by non-socialists led by professional party cadres because it requires a socialist working class getting control of the machinery of government.

The facts of history have proved the Socialist Party right in its outlook and its criticisms. We urge workers to study the position we put forward for it is the only position, the only solution to the problems of today that offers the workers hope. We have kept steadfastly to this position because we know that socialism is the system of society that will bring comfort and security for all mankind. Why should a vast number of people have to perform useless and frustrating tasks, in order to satisfy the selfish wishes of a ruling clique? Yet it is working people themselves who perpetuate this foolish system: who do the useless tasks as well as the useful; the unproductive as well as the productive.

The trouble is that the alternative, a world of common ownership and common effort, is frightening in its simplicity. It seems too easy to be true. Nevertheless, true it is. It’s as simple as that!

 The problems which face us are those that have plagued us for the past 200 years. To ignore the past is only to insure one’s dependence on the will-o’-the-wisp ideas of the moment. The problems persist because they have not been solved. Revolutionary and reformist movements have met with defeat, time and time again. We are without illusions, knowing that building socialism will be a long, arduous process.

 In protests across the world over recent years, people have said, “Enough!” People have had enough of the political elite looting and lying, intimidating them and imprisoning them. People are demanding an end to the outdated premise that the ruling class are above the law and are all-knowing. We no longer wish to submit to the authority of governments. We can demand equality for all members of our human family. No matter which region of the world you live in, the most urgent issues affect everyone. Pandemics, economic crises, the environmental emergency; war; poverty; food insecurity and refugees. Such problems go beyond frontiers and cannot be controlled or contained by national governments. No State nor global corporation can cope. They are all interconnected international issues and they require a coordinated worldwide response. Peace, hunger, migration environment, health, every issue is related, one impacting on the other. All arise from and are intensified by the all-pervasive unjust socio-economic capitalist system. Everything and all areas of life have become commodified and commercialized, including nature, food, healthcare and education. No money - no food, no cash - no healthcare, no income - no housing, even though the means of providing a decent life for humanity, promoting human well-being and offering a healthy environment exists. The key to a better life is the introduction of sharing. Our planet is overflowing with an abundance of riches and everyone is entitled to access its collective storehouse of wealth.

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