Saturday, March 28, 2020

An industrial commonwealth

World capitalism is completely out of control. It is. as the Socialist Party has always said, a system of economic and social anarchy. Capitalism is an unplanned system. Each company chases after profits, quite without any care of how this affects others. Each nation-state (which is a gang of capitalist thieves dominating one territory) carries on regardless of the rest. International treaties count for nothing when it comes to it. Likewise, treaties of international friendship count for nothing. There are over 160 nations in the world today. All of them are capitalist; there could be no such thing as a "socialist country".

As a system, capitalism grossly under-uses the technology and potential for production that it has helped develop. 
The only way to take the abundant resources of the Earth and use them in an efficient manner is to establish a system of society based on common ownership and democratic control, where articles of wealth will be produced solely for use and not for exchange on a market with a view to the profit of a minority. Only then will crises, booms and slumps be a thing of the past and only then can production be geared to satisfying the needs of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Something is obviously very wrong with the entire system. Our separate struggles have a common enemy, and we must find a common focal point and mutual solidarity if any of us is to forge ahead, if any of us is to survive. So we arrive at the answers: The problem is capitalism. The solution is socialism. Let us struggle together as equals,  and comrades in the most rewarding and fulfilling of battles. The red banner of socialism is the flag of our hope.
What are we organised for? What is our object? The abolition of capitalism and for welfare of working people. The Socialist Party works for the coming of the cooperative commonwealth. The Socialist Party exists to arouse our fellow-workers from their dangerous apathy. We agitate, agitate, agitate otherwise despair will overtake. The Socialist Party condemns the competitive capitalist system. The future society comes only at the desire and with the consent of the people.

Is the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic moving us towards a common vision of a new social system? Does the market-based system of economics represent the best hope for a human future? Capitalist society is at an impasse. Capitalism is at a loss to handle COVID-19 without harming the economy. Hunger and poverty exists in the midst of plenty.Today’s society is sick, moribund, overripe for change. It is beyond redemption, beyond reform. No realistic  alternative exists except a thorough socialist reconstruction if the world is not to sink completely into a new era of barbarism. Deprivation and despair are an inescapable condition of existence for the working people under capitalism and they will continue until there is an ending to capitalist exploitation.

The most elementary needs and demands of the people are unrealisable under capitalism. Do you want economic plenty, the utilization of the means of production for peaceful needs? Then you must campaign for socialism. Either chaos and destruction – or socialist reconstruction. Socialism is more valid, more essential than ever because it alone meets the problems of our times.

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