Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Where are we going?

This capitalist world totters and its foundations and pillars threaten to tumble. There is no more any stability for global capitalism. In the midst of this health crisis some of us can see a new beginning for the world socialist movement. The very people who said it could never happen are faced with so many ideological turns and twists from left and right. 

One thing is clear, the turning point are the calls for the reconstruction of society. The creation of a new society remains our socialist endeavour. We are profoundly convinced that our recent experiences has prepared us for great things in the future and it is with confidence that we expect socialism to become the rallying point of the people once more. We are not pessimistic but hold a profound confidence in a bright future. What mankind needs above all is a radical reorganisation of society. The evolution of humanity  can never be accomplished based upon economic and social inequality, exploitation, oppression, nationalism, racism and war. All of these factors militate against genuine social and human progress. We will build a new world, a world free of misery and oppression, free of the exploitation of man by man, the new world of socialism. The World Socialist Movement acts on the fundamental principle that the working class must have its own party and its own candidates and cannot combine with or support any capitalist party, whether progressive or populist. Socialism is always the issue. The movement of revolutionary socialism has a great future. The Socialist Party believes in solidarity and practices it.

The advocates of socialism are bombarded with the objections that cooperation and mutual aid among people are a fantasy. People are intrinsically individualistic, competitive, and egotistical, claim our critics. It is just the way we're genetically evolved - survival of the fittest. This robotic response is all nonsense. There is overwhelming evidence that our true nature amounts  humankind's endless efforts to make life better - for everyone. That's the way it's been since we first walked erect on two legs. Early humans lived in clans in which everybody contributed to and shared in the group welfare.

Things changed because different kinds of economic and social organisation create different kinds of behaviour. Today, in a system designed to produce profits for the few at the expense of the many, we compete with one another for money, jobs, education, food, a place to live, recognition, self-esteem, everything. That’s the way capitalism works.People think they suffer because other races, religions and countries deprive them of what is theirs. So they resort to nationalism, patriotism, bigotry and racism to compete with each other. The "me" replaces the "we". All those social ills and great evils - war, poverty, selfishness, religions, class and caste divisions - are produced by a social system that runs on exploitation, which poisons humanity.

Destruction of the environment, the spread of war and the prospect of more pandemics such as the one we are already suffering are calling the very existence of the human race into question. The campaign for socialism is now for the existence of civilisation, such a society must be based on the common ownership of the socially necessary means of production and the distribution of the social product according to need, a cooperative commonwealth.

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