Thursday, March 05, 2020

The Socialist Party - No Compromise, No Concessions, No Conciliation

The Socialist Party comes before you as a political organisation advocating the principles of world socialism. We seek a change in the basis of Society which would destroy the distinctions of class and nationalities. The profit system is maintained by competition, not only between the master and working classes, but there is always rivalry among the workers for bare subsistence, and among their masters, the employers for the share of the profit wrung out of the workers. Lastly, there is competition always, and often open war, among nations for their share of the world-market.

Pity for the poor, protesting for equality and freedom, recognition of social injustice and a desire to remove it, is not socialism. Condemnation of the disparities in wealth is not socialism.

 The Socialist Party is the party of wage-slave abolitionists. We either stand up like men and women or crawl on our bellies. There can be no compromise. Let us use our brains and muscle and let us have self-respect and courage in ourselves.

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