Saturday, March 28, 2020

Socialism and COVID-19

The Socialist Party in the present grave health crisis solemnly reaffirms its allegiance to the principle of internationalism and global solidarity. The time is now to kick-start the future of humanity. Never before has there been such demand for compassionate political action. Let us be clear. Right now we can prevent a crisis turning into a  catastrophe. Fighting for a few and not for all is not an option. COVID-19 threatens us all. It affects us all. COVID-19 is preying on the vulnerable. It is exploiting the inequality that divides our world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the glaring structural economic inequities in capitalist society. Capitalism’s distorted priorities are on full display. Rarely has the capitalist principle that profits come before people been made this explicit. Those who seek to make their country “open for business” will worsen the coronavirus pandemic and demonstrate even more brazenly that their policies are consistent with the capitalist class’s well-established pattern of sacrificing human and environmental well-being at the altar of the market,

We need to act together. We must cooperate from our local communities to a global scale. In the land of CEOs, shareholders, and spreadsheets, there are no people, only human resources, a work-force not individuals.

The time socialist revolution is now.

The Socialist Party stands opposed to the system of exploitation and class rule which is upheld and strengthened by nationalism and patriotism. In every country, the working people are oppressed and exploited. They produced enormous wealth but the bulk of it has been withheld from them by the owners of the industries. It is the logical outcome of the competitive capitalist system.

 The Socialist Party emphatically rejects the proposal that the workers should suspend their struggle for better conditions. On the contrary, the acute situation created by the pandemic calls for an even more vigorous prosecution of the class struggle. Those who want to see socialism thrive work for socialism. Let all others get out of the way.

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