Thursday, March 19, 2020

The end is not nigh…yet

Capitalism is tremendously wasteful and destructive of men, goods, power, land. The ultimate destiny of all useful goods is to be consumed. Yet under capitalism goods are not produced to be consumed, but for profit, and if a greater profit can be made by destroying the goods, the destruction takes place. 

While production is a social act, the appropriation of the product, under the present system, is individual. As capitalism develops, larger and larger factories are the global enterprises where millions of employees co-operate in the production of a single article, yet the article does not collectively belong to them but only to the owner of the means of production. The workforce is  paid wages for the use of their labour power, wages which constantly grow relatively less and less as the total product ever increases. Simultaneously the owner of the industries becomes progressively more divorced from the productive process. As small family business becomes a big corporations or is driven out of the market-place. The owners are now the share-holders, owners of stocks, parasitic hanger-ons caring only for his dividends being paid regularly. The greater the globalisation of markets, the greater the requirement to have an industrial-military complex to defend the market interests.

The present economic relations breed the capitalist class and the working class, with opposing interests. The ideas of the ruling, employing class will be along the line of preserving their property and their right to exploit his employees, while the ideas of the working class will follow their interests and go along the path towards security and prosperity. The capitalists are blinded by their self interest as beneficiaries of the present system. The workers, on the other hand, with little to lose, are free to see that the present society must evolve into a new one. They see that nothing can free society other than the change in the mode of production from private ownership of the means of production, to where the means of production have become common property shared socially by all and classes no longer exist.

Billions of workers around the world are in dire need. Imagine a system that tells the farmer to burn his corn, to plough under his wheat while millions are starving and in want. Yet this is the policy that capitalism advocates when prices drop. It will raise the prices. At a time when millions are starving we must watch mountains of the necessities of life deliberately destroyed before our eyes. Can a crazier system possibly be imagined? Here it becomes crystal clear how capitalism throttles the productive forces and how, if mankind is to develop and to grow, capitalism must be ended.

The destitute of the world are wandering bands of people, travelling around the planet by foot, by boat. The world always had a roving population to a certain extent. But very different are the migrants of today. It is no longer a question of workers changing their jobs, nor of the adventure-thirsty seekers on the road. Now the migration is composed of those who cannot get anything to eat at home, and of families,—fathers, mothers, children—who have no home.

Capitalism creates a class which constantly grows in numbers, strength and consciousness - the working class - which bears the full burden of capitalism upon their backs and who are in a position to see that capitalism offers no more hope. It is capitalism which creates the working class, which places this class before its problems, which sharpens its intelligence and gives it its science. It is capitalism that arms the workers and gives them the strength to carry out their own interests. In short, capitalism as it grows out of date creates its own grave-diggers who begin to do their work. The interest of the workers is diametrically opposed to the interest of the capitalists and exploiters of the workers who, controlling the government strive to keep the workers down. The productive forces have created capitalist relations, capitalist relations have created classes which have opposite economic and thus opposite political and cultural interests. The capitalists want to keep the old relations of exploitation. They fight the rise of the workers. But their only alternative is to plunge society into one crisis and one war after another. The victory of the workers cannot be forever delayed. The old relations must be burst asunder.

As working people resist increasingly worsening conditions they comes to the understanding that the only way out to take what it has produced for itself. To take over the means of production, the mines, mills, factories, resources, utilities and run them for their own benefit. Then we will have production for use and not for profit. Then we will end the dictatorship of the employer and anarchy in the market. Then society will allocate its resources and labour power for the benefit of all. When the workers of the world unite to take political power and to abolish the capitalist system, then the rule over persons will give way to an administration over things. The State, along with superstitions and chauvinisms will  wither away. There will be no exploitation. There will be no classes. Each will receive according to  needs and will contribute according to  ability.

We will have establish a rational system of society where development of mankind will no longer be choked by social relations, where, therefore, society will be a free one and humanity emancipated.

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