Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hope replaces fear; abundance replaces poverty

In socialism, the process of production is no longer a process of capital expansion, but only a labour process in which society draws from nature the means of consumption which it needs, articles for use.

There is one basic answer to the present prevailing misery and wretchedness and that is to end, once and for all, the right of private property, the right of a few to own and control the means by which all must live, the right of the owners of the means of production to utilise it to exploit the rest of the community in the interest of their personal profit, the right to determine what shall be produced and how so that a few in the master class might live in leisure and luxury while we the majority are herded into factories, only to get the wherewithal necessary to exist, while the product of our labour is appropriated by the lords of capital.

The basic cause of capitalist ills is the capitalists’ right to private property, the right to exploit, the right to rob, the right to cause crises, the right to compete and cause wars and the basic answer is socialism, the complete abolition of private property, and instead the common ownership of the means of production, so that all may enjoy the fruit of their labour, and free access to consume it. It is a choice between two worlds, a world of exploitation, social injustice, chronic insecurity, economic crisis, and recurring wars or a world of democratic economic planning, decent living standards, prosperity and lasting peace.

The Socialist Party disdain to hide our aims. We want to see society changed. We want to see it transformed from fear of wars, pandemics and recessions, to a real brotherhood of mankind; but there are powerful, wealthy people who do not wish change, because they have a vested interest in it.

The Socialist Party is not out to create a bloody insurrection but to work for the permanent improvement of the conditions of the people, not just the temporary alleviation of their hardship. That improvement can only be attained by changing basic social relations, by a shift in ownership and control from the few to the many – so we call for all-embracing form is socialisation - common ownership -  when the whole of society is changed by the elimination of the private ownership of the entire means of production.

How much more disasters and catastrophes caused by capitalism we have to go through depends upon all of us, upon you. The exchange economy, the profit system, has become a fetter on production itself. So the organised destruction of “unprofitable” goods that people need, the waste of human labour, the sabotaging of new inventions, the dumping of cosmetically ugly but still nutritious fruit and veg, the feeding of wheat to livestock or turne
d into fuel.  Capitalism produces its own grave-diggers with the masses of the wage-workers who now see the limitations of the trade union struggle and the persistence of insecurity and have begun to understand that private ownership must go, common ownership must take its place. Capitalism is the struggle for existence without hope. Yet the Socialist Party views the future as one full of hope, where the property-less millions end capitalism. Side by side with our fellow-workers , the Socialist Party points the way out of capitalist instability, insecurity and crises towards a new sustainable cooperative commonwealth, turning our backs to the old world of commerce and competition. There is no other way. It is either capitalism, with its crises and wars – or socialist prosperity and peace.

The day has passed for patching up the capitalist system; it must go. We must co-operate together to build a world beneficial to all. We must work together, so that we may enjoy together.

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